Donkey Wars

Ageing balloon fetishist Richard Branson unveils his latest misguided venture - Donkey Wars. [read more]

Man has sex with taxi

Chinese man who is unable to pay his taxi fare agrees to 'pleasure' the vehicle to settle the bill. [read more]

Gay police go 'straight bashing'

Hordes of rampant gay policemen launch an unprovoked attack on innocent heterosexuals. [read more]

Top Movies


The Giant Claw

A big killer bird from outer space shows up on Earth to eat airplanes in flight and gobble up hot-rodding kids off the road. Bullets and rockets won't stop it and it's freakin' everybody out!

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Weird Ads

100 of the most bizarre ads posted on Craigslist.

Including 'need help with a duck', 'penis measuring' and 'free toilet, needs tlc'

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Pic of the day/week

Tony Longword

The world according to
Tony Longword

toby longworth

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Man in the Pub

The Man in the Pub
man wearing hat silhouetteFunny lot we get in ‘ere. Takes all sorts though, eh? Live an let wossissname an’ all that tripe.‘ Course I say ‘ in ‘ere’ but with all this broadband malarkey that we keep getting fitted, some of ‘em are only virtually ‘ere and some of ‘em oo is ‘ere, virtually ain’t, if you catch my drift.
Those chaps wiv the shiny suits wot come in for lunch an a pint an that - Read more...


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  • Washington, DC-President Barack Obama's identity was stolen recently when he was trying on clothes at an upscale shopping mall and lost his wallet while in the dressing room. The wallet was stolen right under the noses of the Secret Service. After th...